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Grow my business

100% of our business is through the channel.  Small and Medium businesses are our key market, and our success depends on your success. Our innovation in equipment, solutions and services creates demand which is fulfilled by you. The opportunities to make money with Xerox extend beyond traditional printer and MFP equipment to include printing supplies and solutions.

Why working with Xerox is different

Here are some of the key reasons why working with Xerox is different from working with other manufacturers:

  • Lifetime warranty on many machines 
  • The Xerox brand 
  • Xerox ConnectKey Apps 
  • Industry leader in Managed Print Services
  • Widest printer and multifunction printer portfolio
  • Global Partner Programme
  • Single supplies source for Xerox and non-Xerox devices
  • Environmental commitment - from design to manufacture to recycling
  • Off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions

You’ll find details on these differentiators, as well as other parts of Xerox’s channel value proposition, on the following pages.

Bring–in more customers

With products and solutionsAttractive offers and competitive pricing on our comprehensive portfolio are supported by online advertising to drive new business to our channel partners.  Our growing App store of small business solutions and innovative support options provides opportunities for you to differentiate yourself in the crowded marketplace.

With supplies and service - Everyone knows Xerox makes toner for its own VersaLink, AltaLink, Phaser and WorkCentre printers and multifunction printers, but how many of your customers know Xerox also provide toner for all the following brands:

  • Brother
  • Canon
  • Epson
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Kyocera
  • Lexmark
  • OKI
  • Panasonic

Grow your business by offering your customers 25% to 40% savings with this top quality range of toner - you make more profit, they make great savings.  Find our more here:

Xerox supplies for non-Xerox printers video

Xerox supplies for non-Xerox printers range brochure

Lock in current customers

With products and solutions – By implementing Xerox document management or print-centric solutions, you can add bespoke elements for specific customer needs. This adds value for the customer while making a move away to a different partner less likely. Click here for products and here for small business solutions.

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Impress my end-users

Xerox consistently generates over 1,000 patents each year as it improves the customer experience.  Ease of use, environmental impact, print quality and performance are all evolving, and Xerox leads the way in thought leadership for Managed Print Services. The broadest portfolio of printing products in the industry with innovative solutions for SMBs and ensure a complete printing service to exceed customer expectations.  



Great savings with Xerox supplies

Don't be fooled by the price, all toner is not equal

Reports from leading analytics laboratories Spencer Group and Buyers Lab Inc. (BLI) give resounding evidence that buying Xerox supplies will save you money and time. In tests, compatible supplies not only produced poorer image quality and lower yields, they also had serious faults that could damage the printer leading to costly repairs or replacement.

Plus Xerox also provide supplies for other printers including HP, Brother, Oki and Kyocera.  These consumables are made to the same exacting Xerox standards and provide better or equal page yields and come with an unconditional, lifetime guarantee.  

Using Xerox supplies saves your customers money:

  • Up to 29% better page yields with Xerox supplies for Xerox printers
  • 25-40% cost savings when your customers buy Xerox supplies for non-Xerox printers

Watch the short video above to see how your customers can save with Xerox

Why quality matters

Why print quality matters

Customers expect flawless print quality and extremely reliable devices. The Xerox Equipment Lifetime Warranty which is now available on many colour products underscores this commitment to quality, as does the warranty Xerox offers on its supplies.

All Xerox branded laser toner cartridges and solid inks for Xerox machines are warranted for the life of the consumable item. Plus, Xerox supplies for other brand printers have a 100% guarantee – meaning they can be replaced at any point. And, the third party printer warranty remains valid too. Now that's a unique selling point you can pass onto your customers.

Fact: Xerox supplies are 100% better than 'bargain' brands!

Buyers Lab Inc. (BLI) has revealed the truth about 'bargain' brand toners. The globally respected independent research house put some so–called 'clones' to the test, with horrifying results. In recent tests, Top Print and Colour Soft print cartridges caused:

  • Catastrophic printer failure
  • Hundreds of euros' worth of damage to printers
  • Severe downtime leading to major loss of productivity
  • Up to 59% lower page yield than Genuine Xerox toner
  • Mottling and severe toner flaking on printed output

Four dangers of rip-off cartridges, they:

  1. Can contain toxic chemicals which could damage your health
  2. Have a high failure rate of up to 95%* meaning you pay more for supplies in the long run
  3. May cause irreparable damage to your printer costing you both money and time with lost productivity
  4. Produce up to 50%* fewer pages per cartridge, you'll need to order double the supplies!

*Source: Buyer's Lab Inc (BLI)

Watch the video above and share it with your customers!


"Xerox Equipment Lifetime Warranty" means you may claim a free 12 month Xerox warranty multiple times throughout the lifetime of an eligible equipment, upon meeting conditions (e.g. buying specific Xerox supplies ), but it does not mean you receive a "one off" Xerox provided warranty for the equipment's lifetime. Terms are found here. Applies only to specific equipment and supplies purchased during the period stated in the Terms in United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland from Xerox or its reseller in those locations. Supplies must be sourced from within the EEA and Switzerland. Eligible equipment's lifetime is determined by Xerox (may end after pagecount reached, or due to working condition and product obsolescence).

Green Xerox

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Join Xerox in being kinder to the environment

From design to manufacture to recycling, everything Xerox does is governed by their passion for sustainability.

Xerox developed 'EA Toner' uses less raw materials and 25% less energy in production while improving print quality and reliability.

Xerox have well–established recycling and returns programmes in strategic locations right around the world.

Xerox toner cartridges can be easily recycled. Where possible, Xerox encourage recycling at facilities that are local to you in order to reduce transportation overseas, thus being more environmentally friendly.

Keeping cartridges out of landfill

Xerox have a range of high quality, re–engineered toner cartridges for non–Xerox printers, including HP, Brother, OKI and Lexmark. This means thousands of reusable empty cartridges are kept out of landfill, with the added bonus of conserving natural resources.

What's more, you can expect profit margins of at least 25%* simply by switching to Xerox! See the range here.

* Compared to the RRP OEM prices

Get greener with Xerox

The world expects every organisation to behave in an environmentally responsible manner. Promote this green message to your customers together with your own environmental practices.

Improving the customer experience

Xerox supplies for non–Xerox printers Hotline

As part of Xerox commitment to a perfect customer experience we provide a free end-user technical support helpline for Xerox supplies for non-Xerox printers. If your customers experience any issues with their Xerox supplies for their Brother, HP, Lexmark or other branded printer they can call the hotline for support.

* European support available in 11 languages, business hours 5 days per week

* Live troubleshooting interaction with a representative

* A replacement process to the end user location for defective cartridge issues that cannot be resolved with an agent

* Service arrangement (free of charge) from service provider in the rare case of damage caused to the printer


Grey market and counterfeit goods

Are you aware that buying counterfeit products isn't illegal, but selling them is? If you're worried about supplies you've bought or have been offered, contact our Brand Protection team for advice and backup and make sure you understand your legal situation on cloned supplies. Also check out this great blog that gives a quick overview of the aftermarket so you understand the different products in this area.


Add value beyond hardware

The widest portfolio in the industry

Xerox offers a printer or MFP for virtually every need. Consistently high print quality and competitive pricing across the range are supported by a full on-site warranty service. Extending these hardware capabilities to the next level are Solutions and ConnectKey applications, allowing you to meet changing work practices whilst opening up new profit opportunities.

How to build a better business with Xerox Solutions

While competing on price is a valid part of any strategy, adding value is essential for growth. That's why you need Xerox Solutions – a suite of extra–value software that gives you a real competitive advantage. How? By giving your customers not just what they ask for, but something that they want and need. Something which makes office life simpler, easier and far more productive.

Adding value

Consider how people like to work these days. Because we like information to be accessible wherever we are and whatever we're doing, we all have smartphones and tablets. But printing from them, scanning to them, or integrating them into daily business is often tricky. We can help. The suite of Xerox mobile and cloud solutions transform standalone mobile devices into fully functional, network-integrated business computing platforms. It's something we're famous for.

As BLI put it: 'Xerox is particularly adept at deploying solutions that address customers' 'pain points' to solve business challenges'. Read more

Solutions include:

  • Mobile print solutions - Keep your customers printing with the Xerox range of mobile print solutions, no matter whether they’re in the office or working remotely
  • Xerox Workplace Solution - an affordable security solution for your customers’ entire fleet, improves document security from the more than 50,000 security threats emerging every day

Xerox ConnectKey – give your customers a critical advantage

Selected Xerox A4 MFPs are equipped with ConnectKey, technology and software that delivers greater productivity, more convenience, improved cost control and leading edge security. The ConnectKey Apps you can offer your customers – either off–the–shelf or bespoke – help to increase user productivity by simplifying and shortening everyday tasks.

You can develop simple applications and embed them on your customers' machines with easy–to–use tools. ConnectKey–enabled MFPs allow customers to make applications more accessible to their workforce – right from the device's touch screen. Plus, ConnectKey provides a common user interface across multiple devices – making them easy to use. Your customers can scan documents directly to cloud services like Google Drive, Evernote and Microsoft Office 365 for storage and collaboration, print from just about anywhere through mobile print capabilities, and do this all securely with malware protection from McAfee. ConnectKey enabled machines adapt to the way your customers work – on the go, virtually and through the cloud.

Increase my profits

There's an opportunity to grow your profits up to six fold. The combination of equipment and post–sale business creates the opportunity to take control of a customer's entire print fleet and maximise both revenue and profit. Xerox toners for HP, Brother and other brands carry a profit margin of 25%+. 

Natural revenue

A natural revenue stream

The Xerox brand carries a quality premium, and the fact that it is under–represented across European countries provides an opportunity for above average profit margins. Differentiated products, supplies and service offerings can be proposed to customers in an often uncontested environment.

If you sell printers, you should sell supplies – it's a natural revenue stream.

If you sell supplies, you should sell Xerox supplies for all major printer brands – don't ignore 98% of the opportunity.

Rebate programme

Rebate Programme

Equipment rebates up to 8% and Supplies rebates up to 7% are among the benefits of the Global Partner Programme (GPP). The GPP provides numerous partner benefits in a structured relationship, designed to maximise the business for both parties. Partner benefits include account management, marketing funds, pricing support for large bids or projects, marketing tools and access to Xerox's extensive portfolio of products and services

Boost my productivity

Managing all print related business in each account will increase your productivity by driving equipment and supplies revenue.  Using the Marketing and Sales tools we provide, you can quickly and easily communicate these differentiated messages to your customers.

Simplification: use one brand for all brands

Use one brand for all brands

By sourcing toner for all major print brands from Xerox, you can achieve a more productive way of doing business. One brand that works with all printers: simplification at its best! You can secure up to 25% margin while providing your customers with superior supplies from a trusted source.

Choose the smart way to grow your business

Selling Xerox toner cartridges for multiple printer brands means you can grow your supplies business: More customers mean greater volumes with improved revenue and higher profits – a formula for sustainable long term growth. By offering a single source of supply to meet the needs of every customer, you'll get a much better insight into their business – not just for supplies, but for new equipment sales too.

Save time and money

Avoid hassle and wasted time on admin with one single source of supplies for all your customers' needs. Use this saved time and money to focus onto what matters most – the success of your business.

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Sales incentives

Xerox supplies for non–Xerox printers

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Get creative, boost your results, involve your teams and/or customers in inspiring customised programmes. Be proactive and drive sales with focus days and quarterly incentives – you can do it all with the support of Xerox!

For more information on how to enjoy these great sales tools, contact your Xerox Supplies Account Manager.

Xerox Equipment Lifetime Warranty

Trigger immediate supplies sales with our excellent Xerox Equipment Lifetime Warranty offer.


This is a chance to give your customers peace of mind from on-site service by qualified Xerox engineers, just for buying toner that they would buy anyway.  Alert your customers and prospects to this and other offers with our reseller marketing toolkit.


"Xerox Equipment Lifetime Warranty" means you may claim a free 12 month Xerox warranty multiple times throughout the lifetime of an eligible equipment, upon meeting conditions (e.g. buying specific Xerox supplies ), but it does not mean you receive a "one off" Xerox provided warranty for the equipment's lifetime. Terms are found here. Applies only to specific equipment and supplies purchased during the period stated in the Terms in United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland from Xerox or its reseller in those locations. Supplies must be sourced from within the EEA and Switzerland. Eligible equipment's lifetime is determined by Xerox (may end after pagecount reached, or due to working condition and product obsolescence).

Special pricing support

Special pricing support

Special prices to medium and large end–user accounts are the perfect tool to easily generate and secure repetitive sales, month after month. If you have a large account or a regular order, contact your Account Manager and see if they are eligible for special pricing.

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Get onto the Dealer Locator

Get onto the Dealer Locator

Make sure you're listed on the Xerox Dealer Locator so customers searching for a Xerox reseller can find you.  United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Denmark.  If you are not listed and would like to be then contact us.

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Increase my reach

Get the message out there with ready-made and customisable social media and marketing tools.

Marketing toolkit

Xerox Reseller Marketing Toolkit

It’s easy to prove the case for switching to Xerox supplies with our free Xerox Reseller Marketing Toolkit.

Inside, you’ll find dozens of free marketing tools including imagery, key messaging, social media snippets, independent research, powerful presentations, carefully crafted emails and loads more.

Use them to create and promote your own personalised customer communications to win more business.

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Cartridge finder: Xerox supplies for non–Xerox printers

Cartridge finder: Xerox supplies for non–Xerox printers

Xerox branded supplies for non–Xerox printers are specially formulated to provide the best image quality and most reliable printing. Browse our cartridge finder and select the Xerox quality supplies that will impress your customers with savings up to 40%*.

* Compared to the OEM Recommended Retail Price

Social Media

Social media tip sheets

We all know that without posting regular messages on our social media networks we're not communicating with a huge proportion of our potential customer base. But creating content takes time. That's why Xerox provide a comprehensive series of Social Media Tip Sheets with sample posts for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. These helpful resources contain links to videos, images and other collateral to make your posts stand out from the crowd. Download the toolkit for tips on Equipment and Supplies.

Blogs for your customers

Blogs are another great way of keeping in touch with your customers, without the hard sell.  But, again, it's time consuming and sometimes difficult to keep coming up with new topics and content.  Take advantage of the wealth of blogs and re-post, re-work to keep your customer dialogue going.  Note the SMB and Simplify Work blogs in particular.

Blogs for you

The Channel partner blogs aim to cover issues that you face and are interested in.  Topics are far ranging:  from the future of managed print services and winning tenders to social media strategies and best practices.  Make sure you subscribe to this valuable knowledge source to always stay abreast of the current conversations.

Videos and Collateral


There is a great range of Xerox videos you can use on your website to promote understanding of Xerox supplies and the perils of using cheap, third party compatibles.

Check out the list below to get the message across

How to take control of your printer toner budget

How to print your important documents wirelessly from anywhere


Xerox Supplies for non–Xerox Printers Range brochure

Why choose Xerox Supplies for non–Xerox Printers?

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