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The global small and medium business (SMB) print market is a multi-billion US dollar business. Now is the time to seize this opportunity - to connect your unique solutions with Xerox technology and expand into new sources of profitable revenue.

With innovative technologies, pricing discounts, volume rebates and world-class customer support, our tiered Global Partner Program (GPP) is designed to help you embrace the market changes and increase your revenue streams, all while offering a clear and distinct advantage over the competition.

At Xerox, we take partnering seriously. We know your success depends on us delivering the appropriate tools, platforms, and training. We want to provide you with the knowledge and support you need to enable your sales efforts. When a prospect or client looks to you for expertise, you must be poised to offer the right IT and print solutions to fit their needs. With our support and your readiness, we can pave the way to new revenue opportunities and set the foundation for customer loyalty.

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Become a Registered partner - As a Registered partner, you’ve taken the first step in building a partnership with Xerox. You have access to Xerox solutions that are available via open distribution; access to the new and improved Xerox Partner Portal; access to core benefits, training and tools, to help you build Xerox knowledge and address your customers’ IT and print technology business challenges. This is the entry-point to a partnership with Xerox and simply requires the completion of a short registration process.

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Choose the redesigned Xerox partnering model best aligned with your current business state and start the enrolment process. Learn more about the Xerox Global Partner Program (GPP).

Apply to become a Platinum, Gold, or Silver tier Program partner - If you have progressed beyond the Registered tier and/or if you have interest in formalizing a partnership with Xerox and have or plan to have an IT and print technology practice. Becoming a partner program member offers comprehensive access to a broader set of Xerox solutions based on route-to-market; comprehensive access to the new and improved Xerox Partner Portal; and access to comprehensive benefits, training, specializations, and tools to reach new customers and put you on a path to success with Xerox.

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